Ali Hosseinzadeh was born in July of 1984 in Tehran into a family with artistic roots. His grandfather was a Azari poet who has been mentioned in the “Ojaghi” book of literary works as a distinguished poet. Ali Hosseinzadeh has had a passion for music since childhood. He would sing along with music and it would bring him the ultimate joy.He has been taught and influenced by masters such as Taghi Zarabi and Amir Teymour Pour Torab. Ali started his professional career in the music industry in 2003. Since then, he has collaborated with composers such as Milad Torabi, Omid Hajili, Meisam Marvasty, Nima Varasteh and Pouria Niakan. He is a Composer, Song Writer and producer who also specializes in mixing and mastering along with recording but His main focus is guitar and vocals. Ali Hosseinzadeh has composed, arranged and sequenced for L.A. based Iranian artists such as Siavash Ghomeishi, Mehrdad Asemani and Shahrum Kashani. In his home country, Ali Hosseinzadeh has worked with many local artists such as Yas, Benyanin, Hamid Askari, Khashayar Etemadi, Reza Sadeghi, Amir Tabari, Sohrab Paakzad, Morteza Pashaei, Saeed Arab and Armin nosrati, and Rashid Vatandoost to name a few. In 2013, the release of the hit single “Nafas”, in house style by Morteza Pashaei, was the driving force behind Pashaei’s concert series which was composed by Ali Hosseinzadeh. He was a nominee and winner for best composer of the 6th annual awards held by the Theater Academy for Children and Young Adults. Currently, Hosseinzadeh’s main focus is his singing and composing instrumental music. In 2010, Ali released his first single tittled, “Geryeh Dareh” - “Tearful” which is an excellent example of his original melodies and songwriting. Ali Hosseinzadeh is collaborating with international artists on a few fusion style instrumental albums with Eastern instruments. ultimately, More than 150 pieces from this artist, has been produced and released to this day.

Ali Hosseinzadeh